The first bottle filling station has been installed at The Wheatley School. This provides cold, clean, filtered water and is available in unlimited supply to all students.  Several other stations are slated for installation making it more convenient to refill several times a day.  Students can remain hydrated and refreshed while saving money on multiple bottle purchases and saving the environment by decreasing their usage of disposable plastic water bottles.  Poland Spring might not be happy but I am!  Thanks to Fink and Dr. Feeney for helping to kickstart the ReFill project. I hope it's only the beginning of an effort to change the culture here on Bacon Road. 
Steve finkelstein
3/22/2012 03:56:40 am

Bravo Graham! We've been talking about this for a couple of myears, but it needed to be initiated by a student. YOU WERE THE ONE! Think of the impact this will have for years to come. You are changing the world, one refill at a time.
"Will you refill? Yes I will!!!"

7/16/2012 12:07:03 am

I stumbled on this from Google and wanted to say thanks for posting

Sandra Rich
9/3/2012 11:10:26 am

This is such a beautifully composed paper describing a brilliant idea that puts forward a noble and necessary cause. I think the logo is wonderful, as is the bottle design. If the final decision hasn't been made, I think silver is the more handsome look for the bottle. It is amazing to learn that this project was spearheaded by a high school junior.


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