Here's the bottle design. I need feedback so I can place orders. This is the 20 ounce bottle. Too big? Would you prefer silver to white? Should the orientation of the logo be changed? Should the logo only be the Earth drop without the text? Please respond soon!
Ahmad Khanzda
7/14/2012 12:12:40 am

The design looks professional; i like it. The 20 ounce bottle sounds good to me. I think 10 ounce is what most kids would like. Bigger is always better for me though. The color white is good, i also liked your tan color. Don't go silver because most stainless steel are silver anyway so a new tone would be nice. I like the logo lettering in its entirety, but the teardrop doesn't look attractive to me. Can we remove that or place it away from the lettering? Cant wait for these next year!

Linda Rochelle
9/2/2012 02:24:40 am

I love the bottle, but would like to see a larger neck and slightly shorter, so it can be cleaned more easily. Maybe 16 ozs.
The project sounds great!!! Filling stations, how clever and useful. I wish there were more places that provided this to the general public.


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