As part of the effort to expand the ReFill blog to a general discussion about all things sustainable, I want to open the discussion to green building. Why don't people just accept it already is what I want to know. The argument that it costs too much is clearly obsolete because within 5 years, the structure will have already paid for itself in terms of energy costs. So what is it? Ignorance perhaps. Or apathy. We have to step up our efforts in sustainable development. Humanity will never be able to accept anything besides growth, so the golden question is how to we grow economically while protecting the environment. I want to hear your opinions. A major problem in all spheres of life is that the public's opinion is rarely valued. Meanwhile, some of the best solutions are hidden away in ordinary people's brains. So please, comment. Give us some suggestions as to how to establish a clean, green revolution. Designs, projects, ideas, anything! It has been said that there is one solution for the financial crisis and global climate change. The two are interconnected. Humanity's progress and success is directly linked to that of the environment's. The solution is not clear and it may take years to discover, if such a solution exists at all. But let's start searching now. 
9/21/2012 07:31:48 pm

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