Sup earth-savers. It was just brought to my attention that bottled water costs more per ounce than oil. What's even crazier is that water is free. Stuff that falls from the sky shouldn't ever be purchased. Imagine if someone tried to convince you to buy canned air. You would say, "Whoah, that's whack." Well bottled water should sound just as insane. I mean, why would we ever pay for something we get for free? So even if you don't care about the environment there is a major economic motive to stop buying plastic bottles. And don't you dare use the "they're convenient" excuse on me. Climate change is a problem that can be solved. By joining the movement you will make a huge difference. By spreading it to your friends and family, you will make an enormous difference. The evidence is in the parts per million carbon dioxide concentration, which will hop on the decline if everyone used less plastic. 
Here's the bottle design. I need feedback so I can place orders. This is the 20 ounce bottle. Too big? Would you prefer silver to white? Should the orientation of the logo be changed? Should the logo only be the Earth drop without the text? Please respond soon!